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Учреждение, подведомственное Департаменту культуры города Москвы
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Clowns and cats

"Clowns and cats" - Dmitry Kuklacheva's teamwork and the Ukrainian Theatre of a plastic comedy "Mimirichi". Performance is constructed on organic interaction on a scene of cheerful numbers of mimes and cats. But the main thing – participates in all actions of performance a paper. It tear, throw, crumple and even throw in spectators! In it clowns muffle and do of it different figures. Between clowns and cats persevering struggle because of a paper bow is fastened.
 At each performance 57 kgs of a paper will be destroyed!

«It is a lot of paper on a scene is beautiful and cheerful, - tells D.Kuklachev, the art director of Theatre of cats. - I think, even defenders of the nature against its such use will not act».